Blagoja Kitanoski

Blagoja has 10 years’ experience in digital media Industry, having working in the development and implementation of result-oriented online marketing programs, mostly for SaaS, e-commerce, lead generation and brand building type of projects.
He has been leading the project implementation for more than 50 (B2B/B2C) brands for mid-market and enterprise clients in different geographic markets (USA, Germany, and Southeast Europe).
He specializes in defining the structure of online marketing services, building and management of the operational teams with a team-centric, collaborative approach.
His professional goal is to positively impact efficiency by utilizing proven operations and management organizational skills, as well as continually evolve current and future processes for quality and profitability improvement.

At STIG TECHNOLOGY GROUP we are offering automated IT solutions customized to
company’s internal processes for better and efficient marketing and sales processes coverage.
We endeavor our customers to achieve their business goals in a way of full control of the
process cycle, starting from each and every marketing initiative contributing towards
controllable, accountable and fruitful sales process.